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Rise & Shine

Online Course

Course Overview

Avoid pain and injury, develop your strength and flexibility, and move with increased competence and self-confidence!

This foundational MovementWise programme teaches you the fundamentals of movement that are critical to living a healthy, happy fulfilling life.

During the first instructional session you will learn key movement skills that, in the second session we will practice without pausing so that you can integrate them easily into your daily life.

Course Sample

Watch this short video to get a feel for the Rise & Shine modules:

Course Details

Program Format

Section 1: Awareness, Alignment and Activation

Section 2: Breathing Balance and Body Language

Section 3: Connection, Creativity and Confidence

Section 4: Diversity, Durability and Dedicated Practice


Each section consists of two sessions:

The first 30-min session, ‘Setting Yourself Up for Success’ will give you time to learn new and effective ways of moving. The second session, ‘Practice without Pausing’, is limited to 10 minutes and brings together your new movement skills into a performance program that you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

You Will Need:

  1. Your most important investment is availability so give yourself at least 40 minutes a week (30 mins plus 10 mins) to join us.
  2. Bring an open mind, an open heart and the courage to do things differently to each Rise and Shine Session.
  3. Be fully present, physically, mentally and emotionally to explore the physical, mental and emotional drivers of your movement and lifestyle habits.
  4. Have a journal and pen available, a mat, a chair and 2 x 1 litre bottles of water (or 1kg, 2kg dumbbells) and (if available) a long wooden pole/broom handle is a bonus!

Medical Disclaimer:

Rise and Shine content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Please download and review our full disclaimer here.

What People Are Saying:

“The Rise and Shine programme is excellent, easy to follow, well explained and beautifully filmed.  I loved the pace and the simplicity of each module.  After following each weekly session, I now have a sense of what optimum movement feels like and I feel able to integrate this understanding into my movements throughout the day. The rewards of doing this programme are huge.  The end result is that I am no longer suffering from pain and muscle tension at the end of a busy day at my computer.  I would recommend this journey for all ages, from 6-60!”

Vanessa Bocquet
Head of Learning and Development
A Leading World Organization

Course Registration

We believe your health is the most important investment you can make.

Rise & Shine Online Course

Register today to receive 90 days of access to:

  • 4 weeks of world-class movement education
  • 4 “Setting Yourself Up for Success” sessions
  • 4 “Practice without Pausing” sessions
  • 24/7 access from the comfort of your home
  • BONUS: complimentary private consultation with Tania Cotton

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Alain Prost

Formula 1 Racing Driver

“The work I have done with you, Tania… has changed my life. Many many thanks.”

Géraldine Fasnacht

Snowboard Champion & Wing Suit Flyer

“When I was told that I had a herniated disc, that meant to me the end of sport, the end of my mountain exploits, the end of my passion! Today I have returned to all my mountain activities, freeride snowboarding, wingsuit flying – to a high level of performance and I do not have any pain any more.”

Sandrine Aubert

World Cup Champion Alpine Skier

“Thank you Tania. Your ‘methods’ are the most effective I’ve experienced in 15 years!!! A big thank you for having supported me throughout my career.”

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