Performance Passport Workshops

Performance Passport

2-Day Workshops


Discover how to overcome a recurrent injury, enjoy more freedom of movement or gain personal insight into your health and performance potential.

These Workshops Include:
  • Your own Performance Passport – that will guide you through your personalized analysis, goals, and practical action plan in simple, sustainable steps.
  • Rise and Shine sessions that enable you to feel how your body should work as a whole connected movement system.
  • Make or Break Insights – real-life, practical and ‘eye opening’ examples of how you can learn how to become more physically robust, resilient and resistant to pain, injury and disease instead of physically worn out and old before your time.
  • Myths and Misconceptions – discover the cause of most pain and suffering and how you can avoid it! We will give you the courage to do things differently in order to minimize stress and strain on your body and maximise your performance potential.
  • Practical Workshops that will enable you to explore the foundation of healthy movement and discover new posture and movement skills that can transform your life.

We offer the following Performance Passport Workshops:
  • In-Person: This 2-day workshop is for a maximum of 8 people at your venue or ours.
  • Online: This 8 x 1.5-hour modular online course offers, in addition, a one-hour one-to-one personal session with each course participant.

What People Are Saying:

“Tania is one of the best health experts I have ever met. She has a sixth sense: her power to analyse an issue and identify the solution, together with her infectious belief that you can succeed, is quite extraordinary. We live in a world of science, not miracles, but Tania’s science makes miracles happen. She helped me to completely change my posture – turning a slouching, timid chrysalis into a tall, confident public speaker to audiences of 800, 1000, 1300… Thank you Tania.”

Fiona Morrison
International Actuary

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We believe your health is the most important investment you can make.

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We’ve worked with some of the world’s highest-performing athletes, executives, and organizations. Click here to see more MovementWise testimonials.

Alain Prost

Formula 1 Racing Driver

“The work I have done with you, Tania… has changed my life. Many many thanks.”

Géraldine Fasnacht

Snowboard Champion & Wing Suit Flyer

“When I was told that I had a herniated disc, that meant to me the end of sport, the end of my mountain exploits, the end of my passion! Today I have returned to all my mountain activities, freeride snowboarding, wingsuit flying – to a high level of performance and I do not have any pain any more.”

Sandrine Aubert

World Cup Champion Alpine Skier

“Thank you Tania. Your ‘methods’ are the most effective I’ve experienced in 15 years!!! A big thank you for having supported me throughout my career.”

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