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"Downward Spiral"

Dave Parkyn
Aeronautical Engineer

Turn a vicious into a virtuous cycle and discover a ‘New Normal’ to live life to its full potential.

"The Sky is No Limit"


Overcome physical and emotional pain to do things that you currently believe impossible.

"Power of the Mind"

World Champion Martial Artists

Never underestimate the power of belief in what both you and others are capable of.


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Patrick’s Story

"Return to Play"

Ice hockey has been a way of life for Patrick since childhood.  His passion for the sport and the special bond he enjoys amongst his teammates made it difficult for him to cope with the turmoil and isolation of being injured.  Rehabilitation after 2 hip operations failed to prepare him for the rigours of this intense contact sport on the ice. Bill Knowles, a world-renowned ‘athletic development’ coach, uses the ‘power of play’ and reconditioning to prepare Patrick's mind and body for return to competitive sport, without pain. Professor Jacques Menetrey, a ‘Return to Play’ expert, highlights the importance for children to have the opportunity to enjoy a broad range of movement experiences so that they develop a 'movement vocabulary'...

Gerry’s Story

"Food and Your Future"

Gerry, a competitive road cyclist, walks away from physical activity and ‘piles on the pounds’. Living in denial of his physical decline he loses his confidence and self-esteem.  Robert Lustig, a professor of clinical paediatrics is an expert in nutrition and how it affects the biochemistry of our bodies and how this dictates the energy we have now and the health we will enjoy in the future.  Our ability to perform at our best is affected both by the quality and quantity of our movement and eating habits. Dr Robert Lustig provides us with sustainable solutions for living in a healthier, happier world.

Khatia’s Story

"Music, Movement and Emotion"

Khatia Buniatishvili is a concert pianist - a musical athlete who engages her whole mind and body within her art.  An opportunity to perform alongside Stéphane Lambiel, a multiple world champion artistic ice skater, reveals a special connection between them that continues to develop through their mutual passion for music, dance and self expression. They share the joy of connecting with their audiences, and desire to touch something deep inside them that will inspire them too to live life fully.

Tracy Moseley

"To Ride like a Champion"

Tracy Moseley, 4 x World Champion Mountain Biker, reveals what it takes to stay at the ‘top of your game’.  In today’s world, children practicing sport are increasingly pressurized to specialize early. Tracy emphasizes the importance of ‘just being a kid’ and to exposing yourself to a broad range of movement experiences so that you can become adaptable to different movements within

Stéphane Lambiel

"The Art of Health and Human Performance"

Through passion and dedication, artistic ice-skater Stéphane Lambiel becomes both a multiple world champion and Olympic Silver Medallist.  He knows that to be the best is not just about working toward one goal or one medal, but allowing your curiosity to drive your creativity so that you keep exploring and discovering new ways of fulfilling your performance potential.  Stéphane teams up with world-class pianist Khatia Buniatishvili and challenges himself:  ‘if she can be so precise with her music can we be as precise with our movements?’ Keen to see new Swiss ice skaters at future Olympic games, Stéphane sets up his own school on ice.  He emphasizes the importance for young athletes to have coaches and mentors who believe in...

Robbie’s Story

"A Vision of the Future"

Robbie, 15 years ago, was resigned to a life of pain and disability, and then he experienced a philosophy of health care centred not on treating him as an injury or a disease but as a whole person in the context of a real life.  Robbie highlights the importance for each of us to build a team around ourselves with the expertise, experience and above all an attitude that can enable us to bridge the gap between our medical needs and our performance goals.

Hugo’s Story

"Old Before His Time"

Hugo, at 27 years of age, feels that the best years of his life are over.  Physical activities he used to love now cause him pain so he avoids them, falling into a vicious cycle,  sitting for up to 15 hours a day at his computer and withdrawing from an active social life.  Unaware that he has a problem that has a solution, a movement expert takes him on a journey that teaches him how to adopt new lifestyle habits that ‘change his life’.

Sam’s Story

"Health is a Journey, not a Destination"

As a teenager Sam suffered, like more and more teenagers today, from the fear of 'not being good enough'. The pressures, perceived or real,  of 'being judged' lead to disabling low self-esteem and depression.  When the very things that give her most comfort are taken away from her - her horse and her sport, her life feels shattered.  With the help of a family doctor who builds a team around her, she begins to set herself realistic and achievable goals.  She embarks on a journey to follow her equestrian dreams and rekindle her passion for life.   In doing so she embraces life with a new understanding that  health and performance is a journey and not a destination.

Kate’s Story

"Turning A Threat Into An Opportunity"

My name is Kate Parkyn and I would like to share with you my cancer story. Actually I prefer to call it our cancer journey because it is not a story that affects me alone. One year ago, 2 weeks before my 50th birthday I found a lump in my breast and shortly after that I got to hear the words that everyone dreads, “you have cancer”. I cannot say that I had thought too much about what it would feel like to ever hear those words because to be honest, I always thought it was the sort of thing that happened to somebody else, and not to me. I considered myself to be quite a healthy person, I always...

The Inside Game

"Unlocking Human Potential"

Most of our limitations exist within our minds. Unlocking human potential begins with challenging our beliefs and our perception of what we and others are capable of.  The world is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We all have the capacity to become more physically robust, mentally resilient to achieve things in our lives we previously believed impossible.  It just takes the courage to do things differently and to get the help you need to master the movement skills you need to live your passion and turn 'survive' into 'thrive'.

The Windward Way

"Teachers Transforming Lives"

All children deserve to be recognised for the type of learners they are and to receive the quality of teaching that allows them to unlock their full potential. The Windward Way - Teachers Transforming Lives reveals how, when teachers are taught how to apply the best scientific evidence on language development and learning, all children, including those with Dyslexia and other language based learning challenges, can most effectively learn to read and write, and become happy, confident and productive participators within society.  First and foremost, teachers need to be given the tools to reach all children. We need different types of brains and many children with language based challenges are 'big picture - out of the box thinkers' of extraordinary...


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