Jimmy Radcliffe

Jimmy Radcliffe


Jimmy Radcliffe is an expert in:

  • Physical Education
  • Sports Coaching
  • Athletic Development

Jimmy Radcliffe has nearly 40 years experience coaching high school and University level athletics of all levels and in various sports. He is currently the head of Strength and Conditioning at the University of Oregon, helping develop top performers in all sports, but particularly (American) Football and (Women’s) Ice Hockey.

Jimmy Radcliffe is an inspirational speaker, a regular supporter of the GAIN Conference, and many sport conferences in the USA (see biography below). He was a keynote speaker and workshop leader at the Inside Game conference at the Olympic Museum on 26/27 January 2017 with MovementWise, sharing his knowledge and coaching philosophy.

Much loved by all “his” athletes, Jimmy ‘Coach Rad’ has coached his teams to innumerable championships and has authored or consulted on many books on sports performance.

MovementWise Films 

We are looking to include Jimmy Radcliffe in our forthcoming documentary on ‘THE POWER OF PLAY’, you can watch an overview of The Inside Game Conference here (see forthcoming EVENTS):

The Inside Game 2017 – Jimmy Radcliffe Keynote Speaker

The Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

Key Quotes

‘You have to learn how to negotiate the ground with both your body and your mind’

‘In running, your foot has to react to the ground like a Super Ball not a tomato!’.

‘Kids need the opportunity to FIGURE IT OUT’

Close up and Personal

Tania Cotton met up with Jimmy Radcliffe, an expert in athletic development, at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne Switzerland for the ‘Inside Game’ conference where he was presenting. Watch Jimmy Radcliffe’s full interview here (or select a topic to view below).

Download the Audio Podcast (mp3)

Q: Why is it that many young people are leaving school now with a highly developed competitive age and a juvenile movement age? https://vimeo.com/228345733 (2’35”)

Q: Why are children not learning the fundamentals of good running in school? https://vimeo.com/228346078 (2’48”)

Q:  Is footwear becoming ‘over- developed’ such that they prevent us from feeling and using the natural forces around us’? https://vimeo.com/228346414 (1’26”)

Q:  Should children experience a developmental journey, both physically and emotionally, that does not always involve competition? https://vimeo.com/228346560 (1’32”)

Q:  Are we making life ‘too safe’ for kids and should we allow them to ‘figure things out’ more for themselves.  https://vimeo.com/228346805 (2’05”)

Q:  Does athletic development prepare us not only for sport, but also for everyday life? https://vimeo.com/228347054 (1’15”)

Since Jimmy was in primary school he knew that he wanted to be an athlete and a sports coach.  His role model at school was Clay Erro, a student several years his senior who took Jimmy under his wing. Jimmy and Clay have both outstanding careers in athletic development transforming the lives of young people by coaching in a way that builds both skills for sport and for life.

In a spontaneous interview, Jimmy and Clay share with you their training journey and philosophy to coaching here.


Jimmy Radcliffe received his BA in Physical Education and Health from the University Oregan where he went on to become a coach within the Athletic Department in 1985 and was involved in all intercollegiate athletics.   Whilst at the University, he published research carried out at the Department of Exercise and Movement Science  and was involved in setting up a Health Sciences Steroid Prevention Program.  His distinguished career has led him to become a world-class coach training a broad range of athletes at all levels competence.  He is respected as ‘a national treasure’ for his contribution to sport and athletic development.

Jimmy Radcliffe has coached athletes who have competed at the Olympic Games (Rio, London, Beijing) and he continues to inspire coaches and athletes alike within a broad range of sports from weightlifting, Basketball, Ice Hockey and Football to Track and Field.

He is the author of several books on Plyometrics (2 editions), Explosive Power Training (2 editions) , High-Powered Plyometrics (2 editions, ebook and video) and has contributed to the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology, and other multimedia training resources.

‘Coach Rad’ is an energetic and inspiring speaker who has presented at National and International conventions and is an active supporter of the GAIN Network, sharing his expertise with coaches from different disciplines who represent countries from around the world.

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