Dr. Magdalena Kholic

Dr. Magdalena Kholic


Dr Magdalena Kohlic is an expert in:

  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Multidisciplinary management of breast cancer
  • Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) in breast cancer


For many years Dr Magdalena Kohlic, a gynaecologist who specialises in breast cancer surgery, has dedicated herself to effectively applying a multidisciplinary approach to treating women with breast cancer.  There is not just ‘one breast cancer’. Every cancer is different and has its own biological characteristics. Dr Kohlic therefore advocates a tailored treatment for each individual patient and believes that this can be achieved through the collaboration of specialised cancer clinicians working together within multidisciplinary teams.

Dr Kohlic has been involved in the certification of two specialised breast centres, at University Hospital Geneva (HUG) and at the Clinic of Genolier where she is a core member within the teams that deliver personalised, targeted cancer care.


MovementWise Films

Dr Magdalena Kohlic uses ‘Kate’s Story’ as an example to show how active goals can nurture a positive mindset by ‘turning a threat into an opportunity’ with benefits not only for the cancer patient but also for her whole family, and all those around her. She highlights that breast cancer is curable and emphasises how early detection through mammography screening can help to achieve better treatment success with less side effects.

Dr Kohlic has appeared in the following films:

Kate’s Story – Turning a Threat into an Opportunity (link)


Key Quotes

‘Giving the diagnosis (of breast cancer) is always a very delicate moment – it is not something that is easy to say, there is no nice way of saying something like that.  You don’t know where you have to go, you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know what it is all about – all you hear is ‘CANCER’ and what is associated of course with the fear of death’

‘Every cancer is different, every women is individual, so  you really have to have a targeted treatment for every woman.  Once you start treatment you know where you are.  Then you go from one treatment to the other – like on a railway track…’

‘Imagination can be a lot worse that what the reality  is – it is a treatable disease.  It is curable. In many, many women it is curable.  Know that there is treatment, that it is curable so don’t wait for things to go wrong’


Up Close & Personal

Tania Cotton met with Dr Kohlic at her home in Switzerland to ask her about her role and vision for the care of patients with breast cancer.

Watch ‘Kate’s Story – Turning a Threat into an Opportunity‘ to see the highlights.


Biography (Drop Down)

From the age of six, Magdalena Kohlic knew she would become a doctor and went on to graduate from the Geneva University Medical School in 1996. She obtained a post graduate degree in Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FMH) in 2003, and the Doctors degree of the Faculty of Medicine of the University in Geneva in 2004.

A fellowship led her from Geneva to Brussels where she had the opportunity to work in the highly respected Jules Bordet Institute, in the service of mammary and pelvic surgery service led by Professor Nogaret, and in the Breast Cancer Translational Research Unit directed by Professor Martine Piccart.

She is actively involved in putting forwards recommendations for the management of gynaecological cancers (edited in 2010), the elaboration of recommendations in cancer and fertility (Groupement Romand) and is principal investigator in the EORTC AMAROS trial. She also holds the Diploma of Senology.

Since 2007 she is consultant in the breast cancer unit of the Geneva University hospital and a member of the breast unit of the Genolier Clinic. In both centres she participates in the certification with the obtention of the quality label (Swiss League Against Cancer and Swiss Society of Senology) of these two centres in 2014. She participates in the multi-diciplinary management of breast cancer, performs breast cancer surgery and Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT).

Dr Magdalena Kohlic is multi-lingual, speaking French, German, English, Czech and Italian.



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