Dr. Finn Mahler

Dr. Finn Mahler


Dr Finn Mahler is an expert in

  • Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • Return to Play sports reconditioning
  • Successful Aging

Dr. Finn Mahler is the Clinical Director at the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre, La Tour Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland.  He has worked with many elite athletes and has empowered individuals and whole families to overcome health and performance challenges.  Dr. Finn Mahler has a natural ability to look at each individual not just as an injury or a disease but also as a whole person in the context of a real life.  He aims to enable his patients and athletes to do the things in their lives that bring them happiness and fulfillment.

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Key Quotes

‘Degenerative arthritis – there is not a good correlation between what you seen on an XRAY and pain.  There is usually no reason to stop physical activity, on the contrary – it is actually very important to get the joints moving…’

‘The car, it’s a mechanical structure – you can’t go back, but the human body has the capacity, if you recondition, and take care of the different parameters – you can actually turn the clock back’.  That’s why you need a team around you, to build up progressively…’

Close up and Personal

Tania Cotton met with Finn Mahler in Chamonix, France, to talk about his approach to sports medicine, and the secret to successful aging. Watch Dr. Finn Mahler’s full interview here (or select a topic to view below).

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Q:  Sports Medicine is also Physical Activity Medicine? https://vimeo.com/228341600 (2’01’)

Q:  For you, the essence of medicine is that you can help people and understand their needs – why are these values important to you? https://vimeo.com/228341818 (2’55”)

Q: How did you and your brother come to create what is now The Swiss Olympic Medical Centre at La Tour Hospital, from a car park portacabin? https://vimeo.com/228342138 (1’35)

Q:  Can we help people stay fit and healthy throughout their lifespan? https://vimeo.com/228342352 (2’29”)

Q:  What was it like to watch Géraldine Fasnacht, a former patient of yours, fly from the top of the Aiguille du Midi? https://vimeo.com/228342847 (6’02”)


Dr. Finn Mahler is a specialist Sport and Exercise physician, co-founder and current medical director of La Tour Sport Medicine, Hôpital de La Tour, Geneva,

As a youngster he was always enthusiastic about sport, playing and competing in multiple disciplines, later concentrating on alpine skiing, with a participation in the 1985 World Championships in Garmish Partenkirchen.

Following retirement from elite skiing, Finn Mahler naturally embraced his career as a sports medicine specialist. He graduated from Geneva University Medical School in 1985 and trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (FMH). He obtained a post-graduate degree in Sports Medicine from the University of London in 1991 (laureate of the David Ritchie prize) and completed his Swiss board certification in Sports Medicine (SSMS). After an academic career at the University Hospital of Geneva as head of the sports medicine department, he accepted the challenge to set up a sport and exercise medicine center at Hôpital de La Tour in 1995.

In 2007 he become the medical coordinator of the European Medical Support Centre, Hôpital de La Tour, Australian Institute of Sport. In 2014, after 20 years of rapid growth and expansion, La Tour Sport Medicine earned status accreditation as an official Swiss Olympic Medical Center.

Over the years, Finn Mahler has established himself as a prominent figure in Switzerland when it comes to Sport an Exercise Medicine and has built a worldwide patient base, including world and Olympic champions.

He currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of the Servette Football Club (Swiss National League) ; Medical Director of Stade Genève Athletics ; Medical Coordinator of Ski Valais (Swiss Ski Federation) ; Medical Director of the Alinghi Sailing Syndicate, winner of the 31st and 32nd America’s cup in 2003 and 2007, respectively.

His research interests include: conservative treatment of anterior cruciate ligament tears; overuse injuries, especially lower back and groin ; preventive training, and finally promotion of physical activity and exercise for health and performance.

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