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Bill Knowles


Bill Knowles is an expert in

  • Athletic Development
  • Reconditioning Injured Athletes
  • Return to Play

Bill Knowles is world-renown in the field of Sports Reconditioning and Athletic Development.  He has worked with governing bodies of sport such as the RFU (England Rugby), The FA (England Soccer), Australian Institute of Sport, Chinese Olympic Committee, US Soccer, US Skiing, The England Institute of Sport, and the NCAA.  Bill has trained athletes from dozens of professional teams throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. He specifically works closely with the Philadelphia Union Football Academy.

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Bill Knowles has appeared in the following film:

‘Patrick’s Story – Return to Play’

Key Quotes

‘Success is ‘are they getting back to the same level of sport?  Do they stay healthy? So getting someone back successfully is the easy part – keeping them back, healthy, is the difficult part.’

‘It was really Winston Churchill who said this ‘Science should be on tap, not on top’ – it is something you use, but it is not something that always steers the ship.  You still have to have that interaction with the individual and there is a lot of experience that watches athletes move to see if they are truly coming back at the level that you are hoping they will.’

Close up and Personal

Tania Cotton met with Bill Knowles in Chamonix, France, and asked him how medical teams and performance professionals can work together to get injured athletes ‘back to play’ and keep them playing at the highest level. Watch Bill Knowles’ full interview here (or select a topic to view below).

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Q:  What your background in athletic development and what athletes have you worked with? (2’06”)

Q:  How did you come to work with Patrick Schommer, the Swiss ice hockey player, and how did you approach his return to competitive play after injury? (5’57”)

Q:  How do you measure success?  Can ‘analysing numbers’ distract us from observing the quality of movement and performance? (2’10”)

Q:  What is the difference between a ‘medical model’ and a ‘performance model’ approach to managing an injured athlete? (6’15”)

Q:  ‘Every Knee Injury is a Brain Injury’ – what do you mean by this? (3’12”)

Q:  Is Athletic Development just about preparing people for sport or also for life? (4’55”)


Bill Knowles is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with 27 years of experience at the Professional, Olympic, and Elite Junior levels of sport.  He specializes in developing Planned Performance Reconditioning strategies for athletes following injury. These same concepts are also designed for athletes and teams to improve performance and reduce the incidence of injury.

Bill has lectured and trained staff around the world on his concepts of Managing Load Compromised Athletes in their quest for a return to competition following injury.

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