Our Mission...

To bring together leading experts in health and human performance

To share knowledge and expertise that can empower individuals

To adopt movement and lifestyle habits that optimise health and quality of life

MovementWise.org is committed to using the power of storytelling to show people how they can live life in a way that will enable them to become more physically robust, mentally resilient and resistant to pain, injury and disease.

Our inspirational films show how we can help many people, including elite athletes, overcome physical, mental and emotional health and performance challenges. To do things in their lives they previously believed impossible.

These true stories offer insights from leading experts in health and performance. They reveal how even small changes in movement and lifestyle habits can have a big impact on people's lives and on the lives of those around them.

The secret to living and loving life is not just if we move, it's also how we move and why. Discover how you can add years onto your life and more importantly, add life into those years.


To show you how small changes in your posture, movement and lifestyle habits can positively impact your quality of life.

To use the power of storytelling to show you what is possible and inspire you to take action.

To give you access to quality resources that give you the competence and self-confidence to move forward in a healthy way.

To give you active experiences that will help you connect with your body and with nature and fuel your passion for life.

To connect you to a community of MovementWise Mentors who can enable you to live your best life with meaning, purpose and direction.

MovementWise - Empowering You to LIVE Your Best Life