Dave’s Story

Downward Spiral

At the age of 40, with pain in his knees and a diagnosis of ‘arthritis’, Dave believes that he has to give up the sports he loves playing.  His work takes over his life and the stresses and strains take a toll on his mental and physical health.  His world falls apart when his wife is diagnosed with breast cancer.  Forced to delegate at work and bring healthy eating and physical activity back into is life, Dave embarks on a performance journey that makes him feel and look 10 years younger that gives him a whole new outlook on life.  At 50 he now rarely feels the pain in his knees and he is doing twice as much as he did at 40.  His family notice that embracing physical activity as an integral part of his life enables Dave to ‘manage’ stressful situations in a way he was unable to do before.  For Josh, his son, his father is a role model – his experiences have taught him lessons that have impacted his own life and that he wants to pass on to others.

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