Discover how changing the way you think about movement can transform the way you live your life:

  • ‘Make or Break’ – How you can move from pain to performance by being MovementWise.
  • ‘The Inside Game – Unlocking Human Potential’ – How moving well can enable you to live life and perform at your best.
  • ‘From Pain to Performance – Are you Athletically Minded?’ – How you can move from surviving to thriving.

Tania Cotton, film producer, health educator and the founder of MovementWise present:

  • At International Conferences.
  • Within Organisations and Corporations.
  • In Hospitals and Sports Medicine Centres.
  • Within Performance Training Centres.
  • In Schools – ‘Physical Literacy – Setting yourself up to succeed’.
  • Universities (undergraduate & postgraduate training for doctors and therapists).



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