Tania Cotton

Tania Cotton

Founder of MovementWise.org, Chartered Physiotherapist and Health & Performance Educator

Tania has over 25 years experience as a Physiotherapist and Health and Performance Educator. She has a passion for empowering and teaching patients and health and performance professionals from around the world, and she presents at international conferences and on corporate ‘health and wellness’ programs.

 After 12 years as a consultant for the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre in Geneva, Tania founded MovementWise to teach people of all ages and backgrounds,  practical ways of overcoming pain and injury and living a healthy, active, fulfilling life.  Tania has worked with numerous world class and Olympic athletes, and clients from organisations such as The World Trade Organisation, United Nations, World Health Organisation and Proctor & Gamble. She works alongside the world’s leading experts in movement, nutrition, athletic development and behavioural change.

Tania has a deep understanding of how even small changes in our posture, movement and lifestyle habits can significantly impact health and performance outcomes and our sense of wellbeing.  Tania has helped people overcome chronic pain with interdisciplinary teams in London,  helped children reach movement milestones in rural communities in Africa, and provided physiotherapy support on the first complete crossing of the Patagonian Icecap.  Tania has produced over 15 films on health and human performance that reveal how she has helped many people overcome pain and injury to go on and do things in their lives they previously believed impossible.

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The Journey - where do we begin?

Tania began making films on health and human performance to inspire people to take action, and learn how they can become more physically robust, mentally resilient and resistant to pain, injury, and disease.

Tania believes that, for sustained success, it is essential to understand each individual not as ‘an injury’ or ‘a disease’ but as a whole person in the context of real life.  She gives people the courage to do things differently and changes the way they think about movement so that they can transform the way they live their life. In this way, they embark on a rewarding journey that enables them to discover a ‘new normal’ at each milestone of their life.

Passionate about helping people reconnect with nature, Tania shares outdoor experiences with people that challenge them to discover what it feels like to thrive and feel really alive.  She wants people to explore, feel and really understand how their health is inextricably linked to the health of our living, breathing, moving, natural planet.

‘To want to protect our natural planet, we first need to appreciate it’ POW – Protect our Winters


Guided Mastery

Tania wants everyone to benefit from the power of finding a mentor and to experience the rewards of ‘guided mastery’.  Guided mastery allows individuals and teams to grow in physical competence and self-confidence, and nurtures their positive health and performance evolution by showing them how failure is part of success, not the opposite of success!

Overcoming movement and performance challenges:

  • Alters the belief in our ability to change and our belief in what we can accomplish.

 Experiencing this new belief in ourselves can encourage us to:

  • Take on tougher challenges.
  • Persevere for longer.
  • Become more resilient in the face of adversity.

Albert Bandura called this Self-Efficacy, and it leads people to ask ‘If I can do this what else am I capable of?’ Kate began public speaking. (Kate’s Story ‘Turning a Threat into an Opportunity)

‘Courage is the accumulation of small steps’   Kyorgy Konràd


Learning Together

Tania is bringing together caring, creative and committed health and training professionals to share knowledge and to add value to people’s lives.  MovementWise is building a network of world-class experts in health and human performance.

The Power of Play

Physical activity, movement competency and healthy lifestyle habits have the capacity to improve each individual’s confidence and self-worth, reduce depression and distress and open the door to physical opportunities previously considered beyond reach.

Positive Evolution

Long term follow-up of patients and athletes who have overcome health and performance challenges have revealed that they can be empowered to move and live in a way that makes them feel good, look great and perform at their best.

MovementWise - Empowering You to LIVE Your Best Life